“Everything you need to know about Virginia Firearms Law.”

This is an affordable, comprehensive, and entertaining gun law course, designed to train and educate individuals on the Gun laws and regulations impacting Firearm Ownership, Use and Carry in Virginia.





    This Gun Class is an entertaining three- hour [3 hr.] seminar, taught by an experienced Virginia Attorney and Former NRA Assistant General Counsel.

    This Gun Class is a great supplement for someone that owns a firearm. Someone who wants to carry a firearm.  Someone that has already obtained their Concealed Carry Permit, or even someone exploring the option of possibly one day obtaining a Concealed Carry Permit or a firearm.

    Unlike the other firearms related courses, you generally see, this particular class is taught by an experienced firearms lawyer and former law enforcement officer.  

    In this Firearms Class, the complex and often confusing labyrinth of State, Local and Federal Firearms Laws and Regulations are boiled down for simple and easy understanding.

    Participants will learn everything they need to know about Virginia firearm laws, such as:

  • Where you can and cannot carry?

  • Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry.

  • Where can I carry concealed without a permit?

  • How many and what type of weapon can I carry?
  • Where are all of the places that I am prohibited by law from carrying concealed?

  • Who can prohibit me from carrying concealed?

  • Interstate travel with firearms?

  • When can you use a firearm in self-defense?

  • What is brandishing?

  • What steps can I take to avoid criminal liability if I use my firearm?
  • Can I carry a firearm in my vehicle?

  • How do I carry a firearm in my vehicle?
  • How do I ship firearms?

  • How do I sell firearms?

  • How do I fly with my firearms?

  • What is a high-capacity magazine?

  • Is there firearm registration in Virginia?

  • What is LEOSA?

  • What is an NFA weapon?

  • Which States give me reciprocity / recognition or the right to carry?

  • Can I carry a firearm in a National Park or National Forest?

  • A detailed discussion of the various legislative updates.

  • And much more.

    As a SPECIAL COURSE BONUS, the instructor will use his experience as a Former Law Enforcement Officer to discuss:

  • How to handle a traffic stop if you have a concealed carry permit.

  • What to expect if you must use your firearm.

  • And what to do if you are in an armed robbery situation.


    This course is constantly updated with all recent State and Federal law changes impacting Virginia Firearm Owners.


Please expect the class to potentially go 30–45 minutes beyond its anticipated end time, depending on the number of questions the instructor will receive at the end of the lecture. 


The instructor will remain in class to ensure adequate time for questions and answers from the attendees. 


The instructor will endeavor to ensure all concerns and questions are adequately addressed.


    Seminar Course is classroom lecture / discussion and PowerPoint presentation only.  There will be no student gun handling.   *For safety: loaded firearms are prohibited in the classroom.

    This course is offered at least once a month, sometime more. 

    See class calendar for course times and locations.

[NOTE: This Course can also be booked for private groups of at least 15.  And an abbreviated 1-hour version is also available upon request.]


THE COURSE IS OPEN TO EVERYONE FROM LAWYERS TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.  (However, it is recommended for ages 14 or older). 



Attention Lawyers:  The course has been approved by the VA Bar for three (3) live, CLE (continuing legal education) credits. 

*CLE Credit Form will be provided at the beginning of the classroom presentation.


LAWYERS NOTE: that this Course has also been used as a mitigator for those facing firearm-related legal action.  Courts have at times Ordered Defendants into this informative Virginia Gun Law Course as a condition for a favorable plea deal.




  • Virginia Law on the issuance of Concealed Carry Permits does not require any formal knowledge of the firearms laws to openly carry a firearm or to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit.

  • You are legally presumed to know the law. 

  • Concealed Carry and Firearms Laws vary greatly from State to State. 

  • The average hunter safety course meets the requirements for firearm training need for a concealed carry permit but does not discuss the law.

  • Typical Concealed carry courses have non-lawyers only lightly brush over the law-- this class goes in depth- “nuts to bolts” everything a firearm owner needs to know- taught by a seasoned Attorney, experienced in Firearms Law.

  • Prior Military Service (DD-214) meets the requirements for firearms training, but it does not teach you the firearms laws you need to know.

  • Knowledge and understanding of applicable firearms law helps to build a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a firearm owner.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the laws help to build personal confidence.

  • You have costly legal exposure including potential fines and incarceration for not complying with the law.

  • Knowledge and understanding of your rights and limitations will help to keep you out of very costly, time consuming and avoidable criminal exposure and trouble.

  • Without a doubt, "Knowledge is Power."

  • One needs to know their rights and responsibilities, in that one cannot rely on the Police to be there to help.  Police response time varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction-- studies show it is on average anywhere from 7-26 minutes from the first call.  With the "Defund the Police Movement," response times are only getting longer. The U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005) has held that the "Police have no duty to protect."  "To Protect and Serve" is merely a police motto, not a legal obligation.

  • It is a Constitutional Right that carries with it considerable responsibilities and limitations you need to know.